Vaping Kits Explained

If you are reading this, then congratulations as you have made your first step into the world of vaping. 

Next is to pick the vaping system to suit you, it really is as easy as that. If you a re new to vaping you will want something simple to use, reliable and possibly similar to how you smoked. All vape devices work in pretty much the same way, they all need a power source and a tank that serves to hold and heat the e-liquid until it vapourises. 

In the next section, we have listed the main types of kits recommended for first time switchers, Cig-a-Likes, Pod Kits, Pen Kits and Box Mod Style Kits. These kits fall under the umbrella term ‘Vape Starter Kit’. Each kit will contain all of the hardware you need to start vaping. These kits may look slightly different but they all work in the same way as explained before, with a battery providing the power that is converted into heat by the coil, to vapourise e-liquid.

Different styles of vapes

  • Cig-a-likes – Discrete, lightweight and mimic the design and style of smoking. These kind of vapes are disposable and carry a limited amount of e-liquid with a limited battery life. These are uncommon kits now.
  • Pod Kits –  These devices are lightweight enough to fit in your pocket and have a fairly similar feel in the hand which helps replicate the feeling of traditional smoking. They are fuelled with pre-filled e-liquid pods which are sometimes refillable making them a little more cost effective than the Cig-a-likes.

  • Vape Pens –  One of the more popular choices for those new to vaping. Their battery life is good, ranging from a few hours up to a day. They are simple to use and you can refill them meaning you don’t need to spend money on pod refills, therefore more cost effective than the Cig-a-likes and Pod Kits

  • Vape Box Mod Kits – These are the big boys of the vape world, so typically used by the more experienced vapers. They have significantly more battery capacity, are larger and can be customised more with different tanks. Like Vape Pens, they’re also refillable.


Understanding vape kits

So now you know the different styles of vaping devices out there, now we are going to break it down even further to allow you to choose the one best suited to you.

Pod Kits – Pod kits are available - either a closed system that has disposable one-time use cartridges with specific flavours, or refillable pod system that allows you to use your own e-liquid in your favourite flavour and strength. –  Suitable for those moving from traditional cigarettes to vaping.

Classic – These kits tend to be the starter kit of choice for most vapers. Most classic kits are ‘Pen’ shaped and are for use with high PG e-liquid. Classic kits produce moderate amounts of vapour and provide a ‘smoke-like’ sensation. – Suitable for those moving from traditional cigarettes to vaping, but more cost effective than Pod Systems.

Sub-Ohm – The term ‘sub-ohm’ relates to the resistance of the coil (heating element) being less than 1 ohm. This combined with a more powerful battery produces high levels vapour often referred to as clouds. These devices are for use with high VG e-liquid. – Suitable for those a little more experienced in vaping, more commonly used with Box Mod Style Vaping Devices which have a higher wattage.



How to use a vape

         How you want to vape is also a factor in which vaping device you should get

There are two methods when it comes to how you use your vape - it isn’t exactly like smoking and yes you may take a few coughs to get used to it, but bear with it, you will be a pro in just a few puffs.

MTL - Mouth-to-Lung, is mimicking the technique used by smokers in that you first draw vapour into your mouth, then into your lungs. This method produces a tingling sensation in any vaper’s throat. This sensation is known as the throat hit. Compared to (DTL) direct to lung vaping, MTL produces a smoother throat hit.There are certain vapes that are designed especially for this, typically those with a coil of 1ohm resistance or higher. MTL can be used on devices below 1ohm (sub-ohm) but the vape will get uncomfortably hot, and flavour will be diminished. These devices are best run on lower wattages, preferbly 15-20 watts.

DTL - Direct-to-Lung, is usually the method used by more experienced vapers who want a deep lung hit. You inhale deeply and get more of the flavour on the exhale, bypassing the part where the vapour sits in your mouth on its way through. This method is usually best suited for sub-ohm vapes with a coil resistsnce of 1ohm or less. Sub-ohm devices support good vapor production, hence the method is suitable for cloud chasers or anyone who enjoys vape tricks. DTL  Vaping is more powerful than MTL Vaping and is known to cause coughing among inexperienced vapers. These kits require more knowledge to use properly, and while they’re not recommended for first time switchers, it may be something you move towards as you become more experienced.


So What is the Best Vape Device for Me

Starter Kits

Pod Style Kits

These style of devices are the ideal first step into vaping. They’re simple to set up, low maintenance to keep and depending on which one you choose, can adapt to a wide variety of nicotine strengths and liquid types. Pocket-friendly and easy to use pod kits are understandably popular when making the switch to vaping.

Re-Fillable Pod Kits – These combine a compact size with an increased choice factor when it comes to the flavour and nicotine strength of e-liquid, compared to prefilled pod kits or cigalikes. Generally smaller in size, they do have a smaller battery than an open tank system, but require less upkeep overall. In terms of upkeep you will have to regularly refill your pod with an e-liquid of your choice. Once you get used to this task, it’s very easy. By using your own e-liquid you have greater choice over both flavour and nicotine strength.

Smok Nfix







Smok Nfix Pod Kit                       Quawins Vstick Pro                Aspire BP 60 Pod                  Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus 

Pen Style Kits

Vape Pen Style Kits are the original model design for e-cigarettes. Slim, plenty of battery life, even more coil options and often a whole lot more versatility than pod mods. Pen vapes have more power, they’re better suited to 50:50 liquids and shortfills rather than nic salts. Pen style kits are a classic type of vape device, the simple battery and tank structure has been a favourite amongst new vapers for years. There are now versions available for advanced vapers that feature programmable modes and sub ohm tanks. Pen Vapes tend to have long thin batteries with either a clearomizer or tank. Pen Style Kits are perfect for starter vapers and are easy to use, change the coil and refill. They can be used as both MTL and DTL Vapes.

Smok Stick V8 Kit










         Smok Stick V8 Kit                          Innokin Jem Pen Kit               Aspire PockeX Kit AIO                    Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit


Vape Box Mod Style Kits 

While they might look a bit intimidating to some, there are plenty of simple to use box mod kits that are easy enough to pick up and use even with little to no experience. They offer even more battery life, greater power options as well as incredible flavour and the biggest clouds. These Vapes are suitable for either MTL or DTL, although most people find that these are great for going straight to DTL Vaping. The open tank kit while not the smallest in the range of recommended kits, will generally have larger batteries - so you’ll experience more vaping between charges. In order to maintain these kits you will have to regularly refill them and learn how to change your coils. Long-term cost will be limited to purchasing new coils and more e-liquid. The coils will be cheaper per pack than prefilled pods or refillable pods. Regulated mods pack a powerful hit and are brimming with features for novice and experienced cloud chasers alike. Box mods are typically dual,single and triple battery devices, unlike regular electronic cigarettes in the Pen Style these mods have a much larger battery life, and can be used with rebuildable atomizers thanks to there advanced chip sets and features like temperature control. The Box Mod can be modified by using different coils, allowing you to sub-ohm vape with coils less than 1ohm resistance.

This style of vape can be used as a starter vape, but is more likely to be used by those who have tried vaping before.










 Smok Guardian 40W Kit          VooPoo Drag 2 Refresh Edition Kit        Smok T-Priv Kit                  VooPoo Argus GT Kit


Vape Kit Anatomy

Drip Tip – This is where you inhale from

Tank System / Cartomizer – The E-liquid is placed in here

Coil – This is located within the tank and is a metal coil surrounded by a wicking material. It is the coil that is heated up by the battery, adding the E-liquid then produces the vape cloud that you inhale.

Battery Compartment – This contains the electronics and battery needed to heat the coil. Some vaping devices will use batteries, others charge via a USB connection.