What is Vaping?

A Vape, also refered to as an E-Cigarette is a device that still allows you to receive Nicotine, as you would a normal cigarette without all the horrible, harmful bits included.

Vaping works by heating a substance called E-Liquid also known as  E-Juice using a battery and a coil to heat the E-Liquid, which in turn produces an inhalable vapour.

There are many types of Vape Devices on the market to choose from, different styles, different colours and differing Vapes that produce a different hit. Some devices are more suited to those that are new to vaping and are switching from traditional cigarettes and some thatare for the more advanced vaper that wants to specialise there vaping experience. In this guide we concentrate on those that are " 1ST TIME SWITCHERS.


Making that decision to Switch will be the best decision you have possibly made but can also seem quite daunting. This section will hopefully guide you through the process and make that life-changing SWITCH.

Pick a Flavour

Mighty Vape has a huge selection of flavours for you to choose from. Our flavours consist of mouth watering Fruit flavours, Menthol, Dessert, Tobacco, Beverage, Candy as well as Unflavoured E-Liquids.

E-Liquids are usually found in 10ml sized bottles, as by law this is the largest size that we can sell which has Nicotine. We also sell what is known as a Short Fill bottle which comes in 50ml upto 200ml in size, that as you have probably guessed is filled short, allowing you to add your nicotine to, providing you with a larger bottle that has a Nicotine content.

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Choose your Nicotine Strength

On each bottle of E-Liquid you will find a Nicotine Strength. Not all E-Liquids contain Nicotine, others start from 3mg of Nicotine up to 24mg Nicotine per 10 ml bottle.

We would suggest those switching from traditional cigarette smoking to choose a level that is close to the level received when smoking, this can be reduced as time goes on if you wish to be free of Nicotine completly or just continue on the level you feel most comfortable with, remember these E-Liquids contain only the flavourings and the Nicotine, no nasty add-ons like tar and arsenic ( yes you read that right, traditional cigarettes contain the deadly ingredient, arsenic).

As a rough guide the average smoker who smokes 5 -10 cigarettes a day - A 6mg E-Liquid would be a good start. For those that would average  10 - 15 cigarettes a day, we would recommend starting on a 12mg E-Liquid, and for those that smoke 20+ a day starting with an 18mg strength would be the way to go.



Selecting your First Vape Kit

There are 4 styles of Vape Devices on the market. The Pod Vape, this vape comes with either Pre-Filled Pods, so you just choose your flavour type, or Re-Fillable Pods, these you just top up yourself with your chosen E-Liquids. They are usually constructed from a hard moulded plastic. The Second Vape Device is the Pen Vape, This cylindrical shaped device mimics the style of cigarette smoking,  and the shape fits nicely in the hand. The Pen Vapes have a built-in tank also known as a clearomiser that you fill with your E-Liquid, and are usually contructed from smooth steel. The third style is the Box Mod Vape, suitable for Sub-Ohm Vaping, this has interchangeable parts and is a more powerful Vape. These vapes work on a much higher voltage, they give a lower throat hit but produce denser vapour. These style of Vapes are more suited to those that are more experienced in vaping, as the power and style of vaping can be altered to the individual. The Fourth Vape is the Disposable Vape, these are usually only a few pounds to buy and can be an excellent way to 'Give it a Go'. These style of vapes come pre-loaded with E-Liquids in various flavours, these cannot be topped up or re-charged. Disposable Vapes are made to give you approximately 500 puffs, before the E-Liquid and batttery expires.

Mighty Vape would suggest that 1ST TIME SWITCHERS start with either a Pod Vape or a Pen Vape, before moving on to the Box Mod Style of vaping.



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