Guide to battery handling, safety and disposal                            

Safety is paramount at Mighty Vape so we have provided this guide containing all that you need to know regarding battery safety and disposal.

We all read the news and in light of recent horror stories regarding vapes and batteries, Mighty Vape as part of the vaping industry we feel that it is important to discuss what you should and shouldn’t do regarding vape battery safety. We appreciate that most experienced vapers know how to safely handle batteries and how to properly dispose of them once they reach their end of life, but this guide will clarify any points that you are not sure of, and fill those in that are new to the vaping world. The media has has published worrying stories about batteries exploding, this is extremely rare at about 1 in 10 million according to the Battery University, and is completly avoidable when following the safety rules regarding battery care. Vaping is no more dangerous than using a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, all of which contain a battery.

Battery Safety

Vape batteries come in many different sizes and power outputs. Most vaping batteries are rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries. Use special caution when working with rechargeable Lithium Ion cells and make sure you have enough knowledge of Li-Ion batteries in charging, discharging and assembly before use. Lithium-Ion batteries are extremely powerful and are also used in such items as laptops and tablets. When charging your battery, ensure they are inserted into the charger correctly and  check back regularly to see if it is finished. Once your batteries are fully charged they should be removed from the charger. It is important that when charging the charger unit should be placed on a fireproof surface, and should not be left unattended and we would certainly recommend that they are not left to charge overnight. When you hear of the exploding horror stories, the majority of them have not followed these basic rules, one of the most common ones is leaving the charger on the bed covers overnight.

Vaping batteries do's and dont's                                        

Vaping Batteries do's and dont'sWhen purchasing a new vape, make sure it’s a quality vape from a reputable supplier, most new vaping devices have a hologram sticker on it’s box to authenticate the device. If your vape is a Pen rather than a mod which is the battery itself then ensure you purchase the battery, usually a 18650 model from a reputable supplier. Mighty Vape’s batteries are all fully tested and approved. Whether you have bulit in batteries with just a charger lead or a vape that you have to insert batteries, these will still need charging, so make sure your charger is of good quality and you are using it in accordance to it’s instructions. When inserting your batteries, take note that you are inserting them correctly. When transporting spare batteries, keep them in a case, these can be purchased from Mighty Vape. Lastly only use the correct charging cables for your vaping device.


The Do's & Don'ts of Vape Batteries

The chemicals contained within the battery itself should never be exposed to extreme heat so keep it at room temperature - and definitely keep it away from fire! Also, check for damage or denting to your battery and charger. Do not use, not even just this once – Replace immediately. Even if it just apears to be the plastic coating of your rechargeable batteries, we recommend changing them. Never leave your vape unattended whilst charging, even though some vape kits have a cut off once fully charged, if this fails your vape will continually charge and may overheat causing a fire. Rechargeable batteries carry an amp rating on the side of it, it is important that you do not exceed this rating. Understanding Ohms Law is a vital part of battery safety. Take the discharge rate (the amps) divide it by your voltage level by coil resistance (ohms) and never exceed this rating. More information on Ohms Law and Amps and Voltages can be found here Vaping Kits Explained.

Getting the best from your battery                                

Getting the Best from yuor Battery

If you want your Lithium-Ion batteries to last, don't allow them to be fully discharged empty, unlike Nickel batteries, these batteries do not need to be emptied all the way to prolong their life. We recommend instead, get into the habit of recharging before the low battery indicator shows on the mod, vaping device. It is possible to actually extend the standard life of your battery by staying above the 2.5V threshold. going lower than 2.0V can lead to metal being plated inside the battey itself, leading to a possible short circuit. This rating is the vape at rest, not when it’s being used. If the battery has been discharged to below the 2.0 threshold, we would recommend a slow charge, until it gets above 3.0V, you can then resume normal charging. Always remember to take your device off charge once fully charged as over charging can be as detrimental to your device as letting the charge go too low. It is also best not to mix and match different makes of batteries, and when replacing the batteries, you replace with another set, rather than just chopping one out for another. If you start to get battery alerts from your mod or they are not charging correctly, it might be time to get them replaced, when replacing make sure you follow the guide lines with regard to manufacturer and voltage.

How to dispose of used batteries                                  

Battery DisposalWhether you have a battery or a mod, they’re essentially both batteries. 

Lithium batteries can only be disposed of at specialist battery disposal point at a local recycling centre. Please check locally, some supermarkets or home depot’s have these facilities. Mods are still batteries but because of their circuit boards they should be recycled at an e-waste site. Please check with your local waste management centre/environmental waste depot, or ask your Local Authority for guidance. Before disposing, ensure your battery or mod is clear of any wet e-liquid residue and it's turned off. If your mod has removable batteries, take them out and dispose of them as above. Please vape responsibly.