Customise your vape with our customisable Mods. These are really aimed at the more advanced vaper who knows what kind of set up that works best for them. Mods are the power supply to the vape device, they have either a built-in battery which is charged via a power lead, ususlly a USB, once these units start to fail or won’t hold a charge you will need to replace the whole unit (mod). The second type of Mod is powered by one or two rechargeable cell type batteries, usually 18650’s with come in various ratings. When these start failing, it is just a case of replacing the batteries rather than the whole unit. Once again this is down to personal preference. Vape Mods tend to be a higher specification than the standard vaping kits, they usually have adjustable temperature and wattage controls and are suitable for those wanting to produce huge vapour clouds. Designing and customising your vaping kit is not that difficult once you get your head around the components of a vaping device and what they can do and what you would like your vaping experience to be. Our Mods are all manufactured from the most respected of manufacturers such as Innokin, Aspire, Smok and Vaporesso, although new manufacturerws are coming on board all the time. Our latest mods come in array of colours and designs, so choose what you like and match it up with the necessary tanks from our tank category. Most Mods and Tanks are fitted with a universal 510 connection making mixing and matching easy. These are not generally aimed at the novices, but more thadvanced Sub-Ohm vapers, that need high powered devices, with a low resistance coil, using high VG E-Liquids and enjoying Direct to Lung Vaping. 

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