Mighty Vape's guide to quitting smoking

If you are reading this, then well done, you have taken the first step in becoming a non-smoker. Quitting smoking doesn’t have to be difficult and with our step by step guide we can help you overcome the most common hurdles. There are many ways to give up smoking, going cold turkey is probably the hardest and less effective way to giving up the dreaded cigarettes. The most successful way is using an aid, some choose patches or nicotine gum to help, these are great as they don’t contain the harmful ingredients found in cigarettes, but quitting smoking isn’t just about the nicotine craving, it’s also about the habit of holding something in your hand, inhaling and of course the taste. This is where vaping comes in as it can fill those habit forming ways that that you were used to whilst smoking, in this guide we explain how and why. I am writing this guide from experience from when I quit smoking and hope it can help you along the ‘Quit Smoking Road to Success.

Why should I quit smoking?

Why Should I Quit SmokingThere are many, many reasons why quitting smoking is the right thing to do. It’s not news that smoking is extremely bad for your health and brings with it many chronic diseases and illnesses. However, if you do smoke you also know how difficult it is to stop. That said, there is a long list of reasons to quit smoking and the sooner you quit, the sooner you can reap the health rewards and other advantages of being a non-smoker. These reasons can be banded into three main reasons to quit – HEALTH, WEALTH & FAMILY. So whichever is the reason behind you wanting to quit, we are on hand to help you through the stages of quitting to becoming a healthier person. 

The benefits of becoming a non-smoker

Benefits of becoming a non-smokerOne of the first things you will notice, is that you will be breathe more easily, you will have more energy, and food will taste better. Smoking cigarettes, stain your teeth, and can give bad breathe, these will change so quickly after that last cigarette, that you will be amazed. Smoking cigarettes is linked to so many diseases from cancer through to loss of sight and libido, quitting today lowers your risk of developing cancer, losing your sight and hey, who wouldn’t say no to better sex. These reasons have shown some of the many health benefits of quitting smoking but there is also the financial side. How many people have said each year –  ‘If the price of a packet of cigarettes go up, I will quit’. Or the other one – ‘ My New Year’s resolution is to give up smoking’? If you don’t want to give up for yourself, do it for your family today. It’s not easy, but with our help, it can be done.


How do I give up smoking?

How do I give up smokingYou have made the decision – Now let’s do it. 

The first step is to remove all packets of cigarettes, tobacco, lighters, matches and even ashtray’s, into the bin they go. Now the important thing is to keep yourself busy, take the dog for a walk, go shopping, take in a film at the cinema. Try to stick to places where you are not allowed to smoke, seeing other people smoke or smelling smoke are all temptations. Tell all your friends and family that you have given up smoking, the more people that know you have quit, the more support you will get, plus it makes it harder to go back again to those ciggies. Remember it is tough, and you are doing great, take each hour, then each day one at a time. Try to find something to keep you occupied during those times when you would normally have a cigarette, say after dinner, get up do the washing up, go for a walk, anything to pass that 20-30 minutes when the cravings are particularly strong. As time passes you may still want that cigarette, just like you might fancy that chocolate bar, or that glass of wine, but I promise it will pass. Giving up smoking is a life changing experience, it’s important to remember the reasons you are quitting, keep a record of how you are doing and be proud of how far you have come. If going cold turkey isn’t the right choice for you, take a look at our next section on how vaping might be the way forward for your journey.

Smoking versus vaping

Smoking versus VapingVaping is a great way to get your nicotine fix without all those harmful ingredients found in tobacco. Vaping is 95% healthier than tobacco smoking, and trials have found that people who replace cigarettes with vaping and much more likely to kick the tobacco habit for good. So many people give smoking only to return to it, days, weeks or even months later. Vaping has now become so popular for many reasons, not just for health reasons, but cost and availablity too. I think most peolple can associate with that look that non-smokers give to smokers when they light up, that look of disaproval, leaving you sneaking around trying to get your fix. Vaping is much more sociably acceptable by our family and peers, in fact peolpe will strike up a conversation about your vaping rig or the flavour you are vaping. Vapes are available in a multitude of models and styles depending on what you want out of a vapeing device. Our Vaping Kits Know How guide can explain in more detail the variants of vapes. Vape E-Liquids are also available in thousands of flavours including tobacco as well as unflavoured. These E-liquids come in several nicotine levels, to suit your needs. Take a look at our E-Liquids Know How page for a breakdown in E-Liquids.

Giving up smoking has never been so easy with vaping

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