What is a vape?

The word vape is such a commonly used word now, and this is what it’s all about.



A vape, also referred to as an e-cigarette is a device that allows you to still receive nicotine, as you would a normal tobacco cigarette but without all the horrible harmful bits included.

A vape/personal vaporiser/e-cigarette or vaping device as it’s most commonly known as uses power to vaporize e-liquid also known as e-juice that you inhale as you would a cigarette.

There are many types of vape devices on the market, different styles, colours and various models that deliver different hits. Some vaping devices are more suited to those new to vaping that have previously not been a smoker and those designed to help you kick the traditional cigarette and it’s nasty and harmful extra’s.


A Vape Pen - Cylindrical device that is most suitable for beginners as they have lower ohm coils and give more flavour and a bigger hit. E-liquids with a higher VG content can be used, suitable for those going from smoking tobacco cigarettes to vaping.


A Vaping Device - Commonly known as a Vape Mod, the most effective way to vape with increased battery life and power. Designed for both low and high VG liquids.



Drip Tip – This is where you inhale from

Tank System / Cartomizer – The E-liquid is placed in here

Coil – This is located within the tank and is a metal coil surrounded by a wicking material. It is the coil that is heated up by the battery, adding the E-liquid then produces the vape cloud that you inhale.

Battery Compartment – This contains the electronics and battery needed to heat the coil. Some vaping devices will use batteries, others charge via a USB connection.


E-Liquid also known as E-juice


E-Liquid is the liquid that you put into your vaping device and once heated produces the vape, also referred to as the vaporize. E-Liquid consists of 2 basic elements, Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) at varying balances, Nicotine, also available in different strengths and the Flavouring which comes in a multitude of different flavours to suit all pallets. E-Liquid is also available as a flavourless liquid if you so preferred.



E-Liquids are available in different PG /VG ratios from your standard 50% PG - 50% VG as well as higher VG blends.

Propylene Glycol is an ingredient that is totally harmless and is found in food colouring. Propylene Glycol (PG) provides the throat hit sensation and is thinner in consistency than Vegetable Glycerine which is a sweet vegetable-based ingredient. It is the VG that provides the vapour which simulates smoke. Vegetable Glycerine is also totally harmless, the higher the VG content in an E-Liquid the smoother it will be to vape.

Nicotine can also be found in E-Liquid but isn’t actually needed to vape. Nicotine, also referred to as just Nic is available in different strengths, from 0mg to 24mg.


Round Up


A higher PG content E-Liquid is better for those giving up smoking – Offers higher level of nicotine and delivers a more intense throat hit. These E-Liquids usually start around 70% PG.


A Thinner Liquid – Lower Temperature – Higher Strength Nicotine – Less Vapour



A higher VG based E-Liquid are more suitable for those that feel they have kicked the traditional tobacco fix but still feel the need to vape or just plain enjoy the wonderful flavours available. Therefore, the nicotine levels are much lower, the temperature required to heat a thicker liquid is higher and the vapour thicker.


A Thicker Liquid – Higher Temperature – Lower Strength Nicotine – More Vapour


E-Liquids are also available as a 50/50 mix. This combination is probably the most common as it gives you a bit of everything, a liquid that is full of flavour, an adequate throat hit and the perfect vapour. The best part about 50/50 E-Liquids is that they can be used in most vaping devices and tanks. This combination is most suited to the light to medium smoker.


E-Liquids are also available as what is known as ‘Shortfill’ bottles. These are literally larger bottles that have been short filled with a nicotine free E-Liquid. This allows you to purchase Nicotine Shots also known as Nic Shots and add your own shot of nicotine


Changing your lifestyle including your wallet


A guide for those that have started vaping to try and kick the habit of harmful tobacco smoking.

It is important that during the process you give your body and addiction a route that will satisfy your nicotine craving without making you feel like you need to return to the expensive habit of conventional smoking.


Advised Strength of Nicotine


Previously Smoked 1 –   5   Cigarettes a day ---------------- 6mg – 12mg Nicotine

                            5 – 10   Cigarettes a day ---------------- 12mg – 18mg Nicotine

                            10 +     Cigarettes a day -----------------18mg – 20mg Nicotine





A Guide for which E-Liquid is suited to which kind of vaping device


The traditional vape pen is usually used by those who are giving up smoking and moving on to vaping. The vape pen is an easy to use device that will satisfy those nicotine cravings. The coil usually heats at a lower temperature so an 80% PG is a good place to start.



Vaping Mods are devices that come in all shapes and sizes now, they are usually higher powered which in turn heats liquid at a higher temperature. Sub-Ohm mod kits are available in these devices. Sub-ohm vaping is vaping on a device where the atomiser coil has a resistance of less than 1.0 ohm. (For those that are not Physicists) It increases the power output of their device, thus creating more flavour and vapour from their devices. Devices with Sub-ohm coils fitted increases the vapour they can inhale in each draw this also means that they inhale straight into their lungs. This is known as MTL or Mouth to Lung Vaping. People who sub-ohm usually choose flavours with a higher percentage of VG to PG ratio. Vegetable Glycerine produces larger clouds with a denser vapour production. It is usually to use a lower nicotine content, usually no more than 6mg, because of the intensity of the vapour.




A Guide for which Coil should be used


Standard Coils are usually 1.8ohm, for this size your ideal output should not be more than 1 watts.

This lower power means you can us a thinner PG E-Liquid and will handle higher nicotine levels.

A thick VG E-Liquid combination on a lower temperature such as these coils is not recommended.



Using a Sub Ohm Coil such as a 0.5ohm requires a lot more power, usually 30 watts+.

This higher wattage, heats to a higher temperature, so use an 80% thicker VG E-Liquid.


Lower the Ohms – More Power Required – Higher Temperature – Thicker VG E-Liquid Required


Higher the Ohms – Less Power Required – Lower Temperature – Thinner VG E-Liquid Required



Using this guide, you can find the perfect place for your vaping experience.


Nicotine Salt Liquid

Nicotine salts, commonly known as nic salts are designed to mirror the sensation and strength of the nicotine levels found in the traditional tobacco cigarette. The use of Nic salts help to deliver the levels of nicotine much quicker to your blood stream than the standard nicotine e-liquids. For those using vaping to try and stop smoking, this makes for a much more satisfying nicotine based vape.

These liquids are intended to be used with the lower power, higher Ohm vape kits.