E-Liquids explained


If you’ve just bought your first vape kit, next you need to choose the e-liquid that is right for you. There are thousands of e-liquids to choose from, which can be a little daunting and overwhelming. E-liquid is heated up in vape devices to create visible vapour.  There is a lot of terminology to learn and hundreds of flavours to choose from. 

Here we break it down to help you understand and choose., answering some of the commonly asked questions to clear a few things up.

What is an E-Liquid?


  • E-Liquid or E-Juice is made up of three main ingredients, plus nicotine if you choose to add it.
  • Propylene Glycerin (PG), Vegetable  Glycerin (VG), Flavouring and if you choose to add it - Nicotine. 
  • Depending on the quantities of each element will complete your vaping experience.

PG  – An odourless liquid which is there to carry the flavour of your vape juice, it also gives you the “throat hit” feeling you’d expect from conventional cigarettes. As it’s a thinner consistency to VG it’s easier to vaporise as well. It’s used in things like ice cream and food enhancers for the same purpose - to deliver maximum flavour.

VG  –  A thick, sweet liquid which is there to provide you with vapour production, it’s also smoother on the inhale. VG is used in a variety of things from caramel to soap to toothpaste.

Flavours –  Vary massively and there’s a huge range of taste combinations you can try, from desserts to tobacco, fruit to menthol. Each one is there to give you an enjoyable vaping experience.

Nicotine – Also referred to as Nic is the addictive ingredient you find in cigarettes. You can get E-Liquid without nicotine if you’re in it purely for the joy of vaping but generally the people who are transitioning from smoking to vaping prefer to have some nicotine in there. Nicotine is available in different strengths, from 0mg to 24mg. The strength of nicotine on the bottle is how much nicotine you get per 1ml of juice


New Vapers


A higher PG usually start around 70% content E-Liquid is better for those giving up smoking – Offers higher level of nicotine and delivers a more intense throat hit. 


A Thinner Liquid – Lower Temperature – Higher Strength Nicotine – Less Vapour


A higher VG E-Liquid are more suitable for those that feel they have kicked the traditional  tobacco fix but still feel the need to vape or just plain enjoy the wonderful flavours available.  Therefore, the nicotine levels are much lower, the temperature required to heat a thicker    liquid is higher and the vapour thicker.


A Thicker Liquid – Higher Temperature – Lower Strength Nicotine – More Vapour

E-Liquids are also available as a 50/50 mix. This combination is probably the most common as it gives you a bit of everything, a liquid that is full of flavour, an adequate throat hit and the perfect vapour. The best part about 50/50 e-Liquids is that they can be used in most vaping devices and tanks. This combination is most suited to the light to medium smoker.


So the Nuts & Bolts of it are: If you are taking up vaping to replace traditional cigarrettes then we would recommend a Pod or Pen Device, with a coil of 1.0ohm or higher and a liquid with a ratio of no more than 60VG. An E-Liquid that has a ratio of 50VG/50PG would be perfect.


What strength of nicotine should I choose?


Now be honest – What type of smoker were you ?

A Social Smoker – Who smoke once or twice a week should go for a low nicotine option like 3mg, this is often the final step for people who have quit smoking and don’t need much of  a hit anymore. You can also get 0mg juice if you simply enjoy the feeling of vaping but no longer have a craving to satiate.  

A Light Smoker – Someone who has less than ten cigarettes a day, we would recommend a strength of 6mg. This strength is still considered on the lower end of the scale and suits people who enjoy vaping but still require a bit of a nicotine buzz.

A Regular Smoker – Who has up to a pack a day should go for a 12mg e-liquid, an ideal place to start for your run of the mill smoking habit as it helps you migrate and substitute from  the amount you’d get from regular cigarettes.

Heavy Smokers – Who smoke more than a pack a day, you should go for the maximum strength of 18mg or even 24. This is for people with a serious habit who need a high dose to get proper satisfaction from vaping.

It’s really important to get the right strength so when you are using your vape to help you quit, you’ll be getting enough of a nicotine hit to satisfy the cravings whilst also not over-doing it and finding the effect too strong.



           These recommendations should be used as a guide only, you may find that your personal preferences may differ from these suggestions. 


Different Types of E-Liquid Explained


You may have seen different types of e-liquid, although it may look confusing as to which one would work best for your style of vaping, they tend to fall into 2 categories.

Shortfills and 10ml standards. These e-liquids can be found in many, many flavours for you to choose. All e-liquids can work in all the different style vaping devices, although some are best suited to particular devices for you to get the best out of your liquid and vape.

Shortfills – These are available in either 50ml, 100ml or 120ml bottles. Shortfills are bottles of nicotine free e-liquid that are not quite filled to the top, allowing you to add a nicotine shot or two these are also known as just a nic shot. The most common shortfill size is 50ml, these bottles will hold 60ml of liquid, leaving you 10ml to add your desired nicotine strength nic shot, usually 18mg, giving you and end result of a 3mg stremgth e-liquid. The larger 100ml and 120ml have room to add 2 nic shots to the e-liquid. The advantage of using shortfill style e-liquids is that they are a cost effective way of purchasing a larger quantity, great for heavier vapers or those with the higher powered Box Mod Style Sub-Ohm Vapes, that use more liquid.

10ml Standard Bottles – These are bottles of e-liquid and come in a wide variety of flavours, nicotine strengths as well as different VG/PG ratios. We suggest when choosing the 10ml e-liquid for you that you choose the nicotine strength first and then the flavour. There are a lot of affordable options in a 10ml bottle so you can try a bunch at home. Once you find your favourites, you can buy them in a shortfill plus a nic shot to save yourself money. Since TPD came into effect, e-liquids containing nicotine can now only be sold in 10ml bottles. Anything larger has to be nicotine free. so the way to get the best of both worlds is through short fills. 

Nic salts explained


Up until recently, all nicotine in standard e-liquids was freebase nicotine which delivers a noticeable throat hit and comes in concentrations of up to 20mg, which is the threshold set by UK law. Salt nics are the latest development in vaping and have proven to be successful with users switching straight from smoking. Nicotine salts occur naturally in tobacco plants, and the use of them in e-liquid is designed to give the vaper a closer experience to smoking a cigarette.

Nicotine salt e-liquids, referred to as ‘nic salts’, perfectly simulate the strength and throat-hit sensation of the nicotine in a traditional tobacco cigarette. This results in a nicotine hit which satisfies cravings for longer as well as providing a smoother throat hit, when compared to regular nicotine e-liquids. The nicotine, which is derived from salt (hence the name), is absorbed in to the blood stream far quicker than standard nicotine containing e-liquids. This makes for a very satisfying vape which is particularly appealing and ideal for smoker’s looking for a stop smoking aid. You’ll generally find salt nicotine e-liquids in strengths of 10mg and 20mg, or in between, and they are most often available in 50%-60% VG ratios. Because of this, it’s recommended you use salt nics with low powered MTL kits or pod devices for the best experience

Intended for use with low power high resistance vaping kits.


E-Liquid Flavours

With so many flavour combinations available, it can be difficult to work out where to start, a bit like like being in a sweet shop snd not knowing which one to try first.

When choosing your flavour, it needs to be one you’re going to feel comfortable vaping all day. Flavour choices can be broken down into 6 categories, making choosing what’s right for you easier.

Unflavoured – Not everyone requires a flavour to vape. Flavours are added to give the vaper a choice but is not a necessary ingredient. A vaper may choose an unflavoured e-liquid to use the liquid as a base to control the amount of flavour concentrate within their e-liquid and to use the unflavoured fluid as a base for mixing, or a vaper who doesn’t want any flavour to their e-liquid but still wants the sensation of vaping.

Tobacco Flavoured –  For some people tobacco flavoured e-liquids are exactly what they need and they will continue to enjoy tobacco flavoured e-liquid vaping even though smoking is traditional cigarettes is a thing of the past. For others the exact opposite is true. However you feel right now it's good to try some tobacco flavours and see how you get on with them. In our experiences making a successful switch from smoking is neither increased or decreased by using a tobacco flavoured e-liquid, it really does come down to personal taste. Tobacco flavours are just that, another flavour, but if you enjoy sweet, earthy, strong and somewhat savoury flavours that don't taste of something you would eat or drink then you might enjoy them.

Menthol or Mint Flavoured – These flavours are really just down to personal taste. As you move away from traditional cigarettes and start vaping, you will find your taste buds come springing back to life, and the refreshing taste of menthol e-liquids are sometimes the perfect choice. Some people choose to use a menthol e-liquid after a meal to cleanse their pallette as you may chewing gum. If you have used menthol nicotine gum to quit smoking, the move on to menthol e-liquid is an easy transition.

Fruit Flavoured – This is probably the most popular of e-liquid flavour choices and there are hundreds of combinations to choose from. On a warm summers day the flavour of strawberries is a welcome flavour of choice. As manufactures explore the range of combinations, some of the flavours can become exotic filling the air with aromas of holidays and happy times. As with all flavour combinations it can sometimes be a case of trial and error until you find the flavours that work best for you.

Candy Flavoured – Now you really have wandered into the old fashioned sweet shops that we remembered from our childhoods. The choices are once again in abundance, flavours such as cola bottles, strawberry laces and good old rhubarb and custard are just some of the flavours available. Some people relish these lovely sweet shop flavours, others, not so much. Take a dip into the world of candy flavoured e-liquids – you don’t know until you have tried them.

Dessert Flavoured – These e-liquids are perfect for those Sunday afternoons in front of the TV on a cold winters day, enjoying the flavours of old. In this category of flavours you will find flavours such as jam roly poly, apple pie and the popular sticky toffee pudding. Once again as with all flavour choices it’s down to personal preference, but they are certainly worth giving a try. All our liquids are as close to the flavour as possible and the choice is endless, new flavours are appearing every day.

Beverage Flavoured – These e-liquids are full of refreshing and tantalising flavours, so you are sure to find a combination to suit your tastes. In this section there are flavours such as cola, lemonade and wonderous fruit combinations. In this category you will also find  fruity slush combo’s and delightful cocktail mixes for you to choose. So mix up your e-liquid selection with a handful of drink style e-liquid flavours.

Trying new flavours is a tested way of making sure you don't move back to smoking. 

All our flavoured e-liquids are available as shortfill as well as 10ml standards. 

    Unflavoured       Tobacco                     Fruit                   Dessert                Menthol           Beverage                 Candy