Vape Maintenance

To get the best out of your vaping device it is important to keep it maintained and in pristine condition. This will increase the longetivity of your vape as well as ensuring vapour production and flavour does not diminish.

In this section we explain how to keep your vape clean, how to change the components and general housekeeping required for your vape.

Let’s start with the basics - there are a few things you can do before you even use your vape to make things run smoothly. They’ll help avoid dry hits, prolong your battery life and keep everything operating in good condition for as long as possible.

How To Look After & Change Your Coils?

Due care and attention of your coils can go a long way, saving you time and money in the process. What’s more, is that maintenance isn’t usually an arduous task and only requires some basic upkeep to see clear results. No matter what kind of atomiser you’re using, everything from the basic coils up to the larger coils made for 100 watts of power will benefit from priming. Priming your coil will extend its life and help it work better from the first puff. How do you do it? It’s very simple and only adds a minute to your vape prep time.

  • Prime - Making the ‘priming’ part of your coil installation routine, can make all the difference. To prime a new coil; install it into the base of your tank, take your e-liquid bottle and drip a small amount of e-liquid onto the exposed cotton. Repeat this process around three times, then reassemble and fill your tank as normal. By priming a coil it allows e-liquid to soak into the wick faster, which means you don’t have to wait as long to start vaping.

  • If you have a coil variety that can screw into the base of your atomiser, screw it into place first. This makes it easier to grip and when you’re priming you won’t get sticky fingers.

  • Next, you want to get your e-liquid of choice and put a drop onto each of the wicking holes on the coil itself (those are the little gaps in the metal you can see cotton through). The vape juice will absorb very quickly into the core of your coil this way and helps saturate it more thoroughly.

  • Keep going over each hole until the juice no longer disappears as soon as you put it on. Adding a drop or two to the centre of your coil also helps.

  • Then, close your tank up, fill with juice and let it sit for ten minutes. This gives the coil time to absorb your e-liquid fully.

  • Finally, reattach your tank to your mod and take a few dry hits. By this we mean open the air flow right up, don’t press the firing button and take a few short draws through the drip tip. This helps draw liquid into the coil further - about five short draws should do it (not so quickly you get light headed though!). If you do too many you may risk drawing in too much liquid and this can cause the tank to flood.

  • If you seem to find your coils are burning out sooner than expected, it’s a good idea to take a look at what e-liquid you’re using. On average, e-liquids with a higher VG rating do have a tendency to clog coils faster. The same can also be said of complex or very sweet flavours, such as dessert and candy blends. To combat this, try dropping the VG levels of your e-liquid choice by 10% and make a move to a simple, one-note flavour blend. The results can be instant.

  • Change Your Nicotine - If you’re still experiencing problems with coils burning out too quickly but don’t want to change flavour or VG concentration, you will need to find a way to vape less. The easiest way to do so will be to switch to a higher nicotine strength. A higher nicotine strength liquid will satisfy cravings quicker, meaning you won’t feel the urge to vape as much as normal. If you’re worried about the increased harshness of throat hit associated with higher nicotine strengths, then we’d recommend making the switch to salt nicotine e-liquids which are far smoother on the throat.

When to Change my Coil

Coils will eventually need to be changed no matter how careful you’ve been. As a general rule, most manufacturers recommend changing the coil after a week or two of use. This will also depend on how you vape, the more use it has the more often the coils will need changing. You will know when you need to change it – Look out for these signals.

Taste – The quickest way to tell if your coil needs changing is by taste, if you notice a taste like burnt toast or fibre then we recommend replacing it straight away.

Look –  If the cotton in the coil has taken on a dark brown or black colour it means that it has begun to deteriorate. While it might not taste different for now, we recommend changing it nonetheless.

Smell – The smell of burnt metal or fibre coming from your tank will mean that you are either vaping at too high a wattage or need to change the coil altogether. Reduce the wattage immediately and then check to see if the smell persists. If it does then replace your coil.

When To Clean Your Vape Device

Simply rinsing and cleaning your vape tank is something you’ll want to do each time you change flavours, so that your new flavour isn’t compromised by the last flavour you used. It’s best to also make it a habit of giving your vape a weekly once-over and to clean your device thoroughly at least every few weeks.

Of course, any time your device isn’t giving you the performance that you want, a full-scale vaporizer cleaning with consistent vape care maintenance may be good first steps to improve its output.

How to Clean my Vape Tank

We want maximum flavour when we buy new e-liquids, but we’ve all made the mistake of putting new flavours in our tanks and still having the flavour of the last e-liquid we’ve used. To avoid this, cleaning your vape tank is recommended. Usually a simple rinse will do, but every now and then, cleaning your vape tank with alcohol will be necessary.

   The Simple Rinse:

  1.    Fill a bowl with warm water.
  2.    Detach tank from mod.
  3.    Dispose of any e-liquid remaining in the tank
  4.    Completely disassemble your tank.
  5.    Place tank components into bowl.
  6.    Wash tank components in water until clean. If tank is extremely dirty, a few drops of dish soap will help!
  7.    Dry off each component with a paper towel.
  8.    Let stand and air dry for 10-15 minutes.
  9.    Reassemble tank and device.

Vape Maintenance Tips

By now, you know how to clean your vape device thoroughly and how to replace your coil when the time comes. Knowing how to clean your vape pen or vape mod box is only one part of successful vape ownership. You will still make mistakes and learn new ways of doing things as you journey from a vape novice to a vaping veteran. To shorten the learning curve, here are some tips for the best vape care to maximize performance from your device:

  1. Maintain the ideal e-liquid level - Don’t allow your tanks to run dry, make sure there is always enough e-liquid in your tank during operation. Likewise, don’t overfill the tank by adding e-liquid all the way to the top either. Find the optimal filling level for your specific device both for the minimum and maximum amount of vape juice.
  2. Keep your vape juice in the right environment - Be sure not to expose your e-liquid to any extreme temperatures or leave it in the direct sunlight. Extreme heat will make your vape juice thin out and will increase the likelihood that you will experience leaks or poor vapebox performance.
  3. Store your vaporizer safely. When not in use, find somewhere safe to store your device to minimize any mishaps.

You now know how to clean a vape device, how to clean a vape tank, how to change a vape coil, and how to maintain your vapebox so that it can be enjoyed for years to come. Follow this guide and you’ll be sure to maximize your vape experience on every hit, and generate the maximum flavour each and every time you change your vape juice Vape on!